Wednesday, February 22, 2012

25 Things... A Recap

When I started this blog, one of my first entries was a list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish while 25. Some easy, some tougher, but all things new to me. Well, I'm officially one year older, one birthday more experienced, and I have the hangover to prove it. That means it's time for a recap of that old list, and to start thinking about the next list... 26 things (see what happened? I added one, cuz I'm a year older now). Ok, so I've only done 7 of the 25, but to be fair, I wrote this first list about halfway thru the year. So I mean, if you extrapolate that, I would have barely broken 50% completion! Still not great, I suppose. Most of the undone ones will make it onto the 26 things list, but that's a top secret draft at the moment ;)

1. Stay in a unique hotel room - yeah, budget wasn't having it...
2. Try a new cuisine - picked out the place tho! Ethiopean is going down asap!
3. Do 10 (consecutive) pushups - not even close... can't even do 10 on my knees :/
4. Take someone on their first vacation
5. Dye my eyelashes
6. Go to the Grand Canyon
7. Go skinny-dipping in the ocean
8. Sleep under the stars
9. Go 3 days without a phone… by choice - ... harder than I thought!
10. Make 5 free-throws in a row - yeah, haven't gotten lucky yet
11. Watch Casablanca
12. Try out for a game show
13. Take a trapeze lesson
14. Run a half marathon - yeah, didn't even try
15. Visit 3 new states - got 1, need 2 more!
16. Go to a pro sports game at a stadium I’ve never been to
17. Parasail
18. Get paid to do something I love
19. Make a lamp
20. Grow and maintain an herb garden
21. Golf 18 holes in a row
22. Go camping… like for real camping
23. Spend 50 hours volunteering - this is important and I suck for not doing it... this will stay on the list and go up
24. Take a road trip to Canada
25. Get a stranger to follow my blog - I guess I'm gonna have to get LOTS better at it first...

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