Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3...2...1... Be Typical!

Oh yikes... as it turns out, I may suck at this! I'm sure most folks who decide to blog have the same problem at first... We want to write something interesting. But what about my life (which, btw, I believe to be truly cute and amazing) would be interesting to anyone else? I THINK I've figured out the answer. It doesn't matter!! Screw it... I'm writing about what I like, and we'll see how it goes!

For some time, I've been dying to subscribe to the totally cliche (ummm, anyone know how to make accent marks on a laptop without a number pad?) "30 Things To Do Before I'm 30" lists or whatever they're called. Since I have the attention span of a small child, I decided to make my list pretty short-term. None of this working it down over the years. Also, I think 25 is a cooler number than 26, so I'm making a "25 Things To Do While I'm 25" list instead of 26 before 26 (real reason: I can't bear the thought of being 26... something about being in my "late 20's" just seems yucky).  Ok, so today is July 6. Oh, did I mention that my birthday is February 21? So yeah... I pretty much jacked myself by almost 5 months by waiting so long to do this! Whatever... I does what I does :P

I'm pretty pumped on it... Wish me luck!!

1.      Stay in a unique hotel room
2.      Try a new cuisine
3.      Do 10 (consecutive) pushups
4.      Take someone on their first vacation
5.      Dye my eyelashes
6.      Go to the Grand Canyon
7.      Go skinny-dipping in the ocean
8.      Sleep under the stars
9.      Go 3 days without a phone… by choice
10.  Make 5 free-throws in a row
11.  Watch Casablanca
12.  Try out for a game show
13.  Take a trapeze lesson
14.  Run a half marathon
15.  Visit 3 new states
16.  Go to a pro sports game at a stadium I’ve never been to
17.  Parasail
18.  Get paid to do something I love
19.  Make a lamp
20.  Grow and maintain an herb garden
21.  Golf 18 holes in a row
22.  Go camping… like for real camping
23.  Spend 50 hours volunteering
24.  Take a road trip to Canada
25.  Get a stranger to follow my blog

Oh, right... the important part! I promise I'll do my darndest to write about this stuff as I do it (or as much of it as I end up doing). I'm hoping there may even be... pictures!! **GASP** 

Here we go :)

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