Saturday, December 10, 2011

Puppy Love

Ok, I guess since he just turned FIVE yesterday, my little munchkin probably can't still be considered a puppy. Although, I can't think of many things that have changed in his demeanor or energy since those puppy days... He'll still play until his stub-legs give out, seeks approval and attention from anyone he comes across, and thinks that every time I leave the house it's the last time he'll see me. It's freaking adorable, really.

Anywho... Back to the point. We spent the better part of yesterday (after work, of course) celebrating at the dog park and then letting the little one pick out some treats and toys at PetSmart. I have to say, one of my favorite things about living in the southwest is that even in the middle of December, there are people at the dog park in t-shirts and shorts wading knee-deep in the water with their pups and enjoying the sunshine.

Growing up in San Diego, we had dog beaches, which are like... 1,000 times cooler than a fenced off section of grass, dirt, or mud that some communities call a dog park. I call Del Mar Dog Beach the "happiest place on earth", and it truly is! Not only are the people of San Diego friendly and willing to strike up a conversation (be it with human or dog), but there's something supremely relaxing about sipping Starbucks and watching the little four-legged ones romping in the surf, playing jump-the-wave just like we did as kids.

Living in Gilbert, I consider myself so lucky to live near Cosmo Dog Park, with its man-made lake and ample running room. Ry gets an amazing workout chasing those retrieving dogs off the dock. He's a herder, so his exercise is basically chasing other dogs around, making my job of sitting at a picnic table reading Sunset Magazine and picking up the occasional um... turd... pretty easy. I kind of feel bad for those suckers wading in the water with their Chuck-Its... But I'd also like to thank those suckers for giving my dog a legitimate workout. He's sound asleep now to prove it.

To celebrate the tiny bug's 5th birthday... a photo splurge!

The day I brought him home... Notice the floppy ears. All together now... AWWWWW!!
 He did the best job finding random places to sleep. This is on the bottom part of a coffee table.
 Such love!! Also, a 70's style kitchen. Be jealous.
 The happiest place on earth! And on a gorgeous day... It doesn't get much better!
 Sexy over-the-shoulder look.
 Best. Cuddler. Ever.
 Again at the beach... Surprise!
 And a pool party... Yeah, he's spoiled.
 Road trippin' with my favorite ally
 Action shot! Note the Chuck-It (that's not me)

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