Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saving Some Green by Growing Some

I get so frustrated with how much I spend on such simple things at the store! Yes, veggies and some proteins are super cheap at the right store (I'm lucky enough to be less than a mile from a Sprouts Farmer's Market, which is basically the best place ever), but I still spend so much on herbs and stocks, both things that I SHOULD (read: SHOULD) be able to grow/create at home. A box of chicken/beef/veggie stock or broth runs me between $2.50-5.00, and I often need more than one box to get the job done! And don't get me started with herbs... those stupid little packets than run you $2-3, and they go bad so quickly I hardly get my money's worth (if there is such a thing when paying those nosebleed prices for such small amounts). 

Enter:  the solution.  A couple months ago, I started my pretty little rosemary, thyme, and basil plants. Those are were my big spending herbs. I buy bought them the most often, and I've saved so much already by having them sitting right here at home! Plus, I never have to run to the store to pick up one stinkin herb. It's GLORIOUS!! And now, I start a new adventure:  I'm going to make some stocks so that I never have to buy another box again! I think I can get some great flavor from scraps I just toss in the kitchen. They freeze beautifully in little ice cube trays, and then get transferred into baggies (the same method I've been using for leftover boxed stock). And now... to start collecting my ingredients! Veggie stock up first, since that's the easiest. I plan to save veggie peelings and ends and get a delicious batch of veggie stock without spending any additional money. I'll update once I get it done... I can almost promise!

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