Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Board. Fell. On my HEAD.

Can you guess why both of these items were provided free of charge at last night's hh adventure?

At a popular restaurant/brewery near the San Diego office... A place I won't mention by name, but will say has a delectable ahi poke and is a spot I frequent with my friend/coworker Ono for hh... The unspeakable happened. If you read the title to this entry, you may have an idea. Actually, you may have the whole idea.

A Board. Fell. On my HEAD.

Yeah, a 1x4 happened to fall off the wall, and land smack dabby on the back of my head. I'm almost sure Ono planned this. Is there a better way to get yourself a blog mention than to be around by pure coincidence when disaster strikes? And then to tell the manager that "an apology isn't good enough. An apology doesn't make her not get hit in the head with a wooden plank" as I'm subtly escaping to the restroom to hide my 2-year-old-who-got-too-much-attention-when-something-bad-happened watery eyes. To be fair, does anything make me not get hit in the head with a wooden plank AFTER I'd been hit in the head with a wooden plank? I'm not sure... That seems to be a somewhat philosophical question, and this is neither the time nor the place (maybe in the "Comments" section?).

After the initial "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" interaction, the manager actually handled it quite well, offering ice (um, I'm not going to ice my head in public, thankyouverymuch), an ambulance (a formality, I'm sure, but dude...), comping our meal (better), a $50 gift card (now we're getting there), and a growler of beer (ok, I forgive you).

For those wondering about injury other than to my ego and careful eyeliner application: Ono assured me that my pupils were reactive and I seemed to have no more brain damage than when we'd arrived.

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