Monday, January 30, 2012

Rick Blaine Makes Pimpin' Look Easy

So, this movie is about Nazis? I had no idea. Adrien adds... "Also, it's in Africa!" Me: "Did you just Google to make sure Morocco is in Africa?" Adrien: "Yeah, I wanted to make sure"

Here's a quick breakdown of my favorite parts. Keep in mind that this is my real life experience watching Casablanca for the first time, and has very little to do with the movie itself.

5 minutes in... Me: "I don't get this shit." Adrien: "Me either... Are they speaking English??"  Me: "Not sure. Sometimes they are..."

Scanning thru the bar for the first time... Me: "Ain't that some shit? We're in Africa, and the first black guy we see is some American lookin black guy playin piano?" Adrien: "Africa?? I thought this was in Morocco... Isn't Morocco in Europe?"

Rick asks Sam to play the song, and Sam looks at him all crazy-eyed... Me: "You know what Sam was thinkin right there, right?" Adrien: "This bitch...?" Me: "No... He's thinkin... White people play different..."

When Ilsa pulls a gun on Rick then confesses her love for him... Adrien: "This bitch is seesaw!! One line is this way, then the next line is the exact opposite!" Rick: "Here's lookin at you, kid." Adrien:  *buries head in pillow*

Ilsa is still confessing her love for Rick... Rick: "I wouldn't bring up Paris if I were you, it's poor salesmanship." Adrien: *laughs* "This guy is a badass. He's the shit."

End of movie... Adrien: "I never got to hear him say Play it again, Sam." Me: "We must have missed it..." *replays part of movie where we may have missed it... line does not occur* Google: "'Play it again, Sam' is originally a misquotation from the 1942 film Casablanca." Adrien: "Well that's a disappointment. That was the one line I was looking forward to the most!!"

Overall, pretty legit. Not sure about it being the best movie of all time, but enjoyable with some laughs. Old people are funny... I always knew it! They were even funny before they were old. Chew on that. Final count of famous lines (that Adrien and I knew) = 4.

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