Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freeway Ponderings on My Favorite City

Because lists are fun, and I like fun, and I like San Diego, and San Diego is fun, here is a list of things that I like and I think are fun about San Diego.
  1. People cross the street to pet Riley
  2. My best friend Linnea lives here (boom, there's your mention!)
  3. The bums are friendly, and most of them wear Chargers gear
  4. Driving 163 S past the mall makes my ears pop
  5. There are wireless networks in my mom's building named "Virus Installer" and "BoosHound"
  6. (It at least feels like) There are more independent restaurants than chains
  7. Corgi meetups
  8. Meter maids ticketed a Car2Go vehicle outside my mom's building TWICE (if you don't know what Car2Go is, check out Little Brother's blog post on the subject... Starting From Scratch: Awesome, thy name is Car2Go)
  9. Today I wasn't sure whether this one guy was homeless or a gajillionaire in a sweatshirt
  10. Vons is a cool name for a grocery store
  11. Friday rush hour starts at 2pm
  12. Nobody dresses up to go to work unless they feel like it
  13. The freeway signs make sense (booooooooo Miami)
  14. There is an inordinate number of holistic pet shops, and I love everything they stand for even though it's completely ridiculous if you think about it
  15. You never hear "ugh... San Diego... I can't stand that place"... Everyone else loves this gosh dang city as much as I do!

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